Our tents are often called upon to be more functional than “pretty”. Often these instances are holding or production tents. These tents are used on the sets of TV shows and movies or at events that have a cast of people that need a place to stay and get ready. Our main focus for these circumstances is to provide optimal functionality and ease for our clients.

holding tent

Tent Requirements

Our first question is to determine the requirements of the holding or production tent(s) needed through a series of questions.

  • How many people will need to be accommodated?
  • Any social distancing measures to consider?
  • Will there be tables? Chairs? Other types of furniture?
  • Do you need a tent with walls or doors?

These questions will help us determine the square footage you need and therefore how big of an area is required. We will pair this information with the location parameters and determine the size and number of tents to best fit the client’s needs. We can set up and secure a tent in almost any location. See our blog about staking for more details on how we secure our tents.

holding tents production
hold tent social distancing
holding tent tables and chairs


Even if your tent has no walls, chances are you’ll want lighting. Production tents are usually set up for an extended period of time. Early mornings, late nights, or extremely cloudy days are all a detriment to relying solely on natural light. A tent with walls will need lighting sources to keep everyone comfortable. Based on your needs and the type of tent, we provide several lighting options.

Additional Options for your Holding or Production Tent


A floor can be installed on any surface. It is highly recommended that flooring be used when the area is grass. Weather is always a factor, but also, the high traffic of people moving in and out of the area can turn into a mess. We have several types of flooring to choose from.

If the area is not flat, we can also help with that. We can install a subfloor to create a flat and level surface to work from.

Air Conditioning and Heating

Depending on the time of year and expected weather, having AC or heating may be required. Our AC/Heating units are user-friendly and we can show the onsite crew how to operate them on site prior to the first day of use. The air conditioning units run on a generator, which comes all included in our package. Our larger heaters usually operate on diesel fuel and are self-contained (no generator needed). Also, we can refuel the heaters on call if needed.


We provide power for any equipment that was rented from us such as lighting and AC/Heating units; however, often clients bring additional equipment that needs power. Simply provide us a list of what is needed, and we will accommodate accordingly. Our team will also work to assist with any last-minute needs as well.

production tent makeup

Fire Safety

We provide any flame certificates needed to help complete the permitting process. These certificates ensure that the equipment we are using is flame retardant. Within the tent, we also provide fire safety packages that include exit signs, fire extinguishers, and emergency lights.

production tent drive thru

We are always happy to help!

In the world of production tents, many other specific needs might be needed on any given occasion. Ace is committed to helping our clients have the best and easiest experience possible. We encourage our clients to let us know all of their requirements for their holding or production tent(s) and we will make it happen!