One of the most overlooked details about tent rentals is how to secure your tent. The methods available to you and which is best for your specific event has many factors. And while it’s not the most exciting of detail compared to picking out your tent type, size, and accessories, it’s definitely the most important! Luckily, our experts are on top of it and can guide you to the best option for your location.

Know Your Options

There are two choices when it comes to securing a tent, anchors (aka staking) or weights. Which option you use is completely dependent on the location where the tent will be installed. There are pros and cons to each type.


Staking is when anchors are attached to the tent and then secured by being staked into the ground. Tents can be staked into grass and asphalt, yes, we said asphalt! Most people do not realize that we can stake into asphalt. This gives an extremely secure attachment and once the stakes are removed, the stake holes can be filled with no damage to the surface.

No matter the area, we always suggest that all underground utilities be marked before staking a tent. Ensuring that no underground utility is accidentally hit by the stake is imperative. Tent anchors are the most secure; however, they are not possible if the area is concrete or a venue simply does not allow staking.

Tent staking grass gravel
Tent staking concrete


Weights secure the tent by placing them at all tent pole locations. The weight needed at each pole is calculated based on several factors including the size and style of the tent. Most tents need at least 500 pounds per tent leg. If that sounds like a lot, it is! The secure attachment of the tent to the ground is imperative and thus requires a considerable amount of weight at each location.

The amount of weights needed to secure a large tent does directly affect the cost. The labor and transportation needed to use weights are added as additional fees for the tent rental. Weights are used on all concrete outdoor spaces and are required for venues that do not allow staking into grass or asphalt with underground utilities.

Final Decision

In some cases, there won’t be much of a choice. Most venues in New York City don’t allow staking. Either the location is concrete or the area simply doesn’t allow it to avoid any potential damage done with a stake in the ground. Our professionals are happy to help investigate if there is an option and then present those options and pricing to our clients. We will make sure you know how to secure your tent to have a safe and fun event. Contact us today!