Pole Tents (also called Tension Tents) are held up with both center and side poles. They are pulled together with outward pressure that pulls them in place. Ropes are staked into the ground to anchor the poles in place. The middle areas of the tent are supported by center poles. They elevate the canopy to maintain its tautness and stability. With an easy set-up, less components and dramatic height, this tent is a customer favorite.

Pole or Tension tents are a specific type of pole tent. They have structural elements that allow them to meet strict guidelines for engineered wind loads. Featuring either a single or twin center pole, they are elegant and classic from the inside and outside.

Our pole/tension tents are classics built in a traditional style that has been in use for many years. Today’s tents are engineered to meet stringent building codes and provide safe environments for your event. For protection against outdoor elements, sidewalls and heaters can also be added. Overall, our pole tent is a very cost effective tent that is perfect for weddings, gatherings, parties and more!