Originally, the sailcloth tent was made from the same material as sailboat sails. They have a nautical appearance and feature rounded edges, hence their name – sailcloth. Now, they are made out of a translucent, lightweight and durable fabric with the same features.

Sailcloth tents utilize poles to keep their shape and stay up. In order to have this tent at your event you must have an area that will allow stakes to be put into the ground.

The translucency of the sailcloth material lets natural light illuminate your next daytime event and adds that gorgeous glow in the evening. As an added bonus, event spaces are open and airy thanks to the sculpted peaks. We love the romantic feel the sailcloth tent adds, talk about a glow-getter! All in all, sailcloth tents provide a beautiful setting for gatherings with their sleek lines, magical glow and elegant appearance.