Looking for a tent option that has a bigger “wow” factor? Our new Garden Tent is the perfect new addition to our inventory! Inspired by Longwood Gardens in Kennett Square, PA, it sets itself apart from all our other tents. Don’t let the name fool you, this tent isn’t just for a garden party! It is a beautiful addition to any formal affair.


Our first time out with this tent was recently for a breathtaking outdoor wedding. They paired our Garden Tent with a clear top which gave a stunning result. The picture-perfect day shined through the rough and off of the beautiful green frame finish. This was the perfect event for its first use and left a lasting impression on all the guests.

Special Touches

This art deco design heightens the uniqueness of this tent. The combination of the green metal framework and decorative rings with the matte green finish is not something you see in your typical tent rental. The color pairs beautifully with any type of florals to enhance a very natural feel. Also, the very geometric design can compliment a modern twist, but could also be taken in several other directions with ease. The versatility of this tent has no limits!

Tent Options

As seen above, you can option a clear top for a very open feel. You can also have a solid top to provide more shade and cover for your guests. Like all of our tents, walls and doors can also be added for additional protection from the elements.

With all of our tents, we can pair any type of flooring or sub-flooring to ensure a flat and even surface for your guests.

Also, we have several lighting options available to complement your decor. From bistro lights to uplighting, we can help set the perfect ambiance.

Book Now!

Not surprisingly, this new product has quickly become one of our favorites and is booking fast! The Garden Tent is the perfect addition to our tent offerings. We are excited to see what other events do with this green beauty. Contact us today for more information!