large outdoor tent with heat

The leaves have changed and there’s a chill in the air, so arises the question, how to have an outdoor event and stay warm? Whether you need extra room with a tented outdoor area or a full outdoor event, having some heating options is a must. We have you covered! 

Heating Restrictions

While there are several heating options, the availability will depend on your location and city restrictions. For example, in NYC, only electric heaters can be used. Diesel, kerosene, and propane options are prohibited. But didn’t I see them used during the 2020 winter? In fact, you did! The restriction was lifted during that winter to accommodate Covid-19 guidelines. However, the restrictions are back in place for 2021 and forward.

The combination of heater and tent also has to be considered and may restrict your choice. For example, mushroom heaters can not be used under tents as they can melt the vinyl. The size of the space to be heated will also dictate what the best option will be.

kerosene heaters with tent

Types Of Heaters

Radiant Heating – An object is heated to a very hot temperature so that it emanates heat.  Same concept as to how the sun warms us. The source of the heat can come from electricity, propane, or kerosene.

Forced Hot Air (convection) – Hot air is blown in to heat up the space, similar to how a convection oven works. Diesel, kerosene, electricity, or propane can be used to heat the air being blown in.

How To Choose?

Several factors will go into determining the best heating option:

  • Will you be using an open-sided tent or a fully enclosed tent? This could narrow down your choice quickly. A fully enclosed space cannot use a gas-powered heater without proper ventilation options.
  • How big is the space you want to heat and to what temperature? Calculating the BTUs (British Thermal Units) needed will be determined by the cubic feet to be heated and the temperature difference between the current and desired temperature. Don’t worry, we do all the math for you! In some cases, this can eliminate certain heater options as they won’t provide enough heat for the space.
  • If electric heat is needed, either electricity needs to be available or generators will need to be used. Luckily we have generators for our electric heaters so we can take care of it all.
kerosene heater with tent

Don’t be intimidated by all of the information! While it’s nice to understand some of the basics and options out there, you don’t need to be an expert. Our team is happy to work with our customer’s needs, local regulations/restrictions, and tent types to make sure we can give all the available ideas for each specific event. We’ll make sure to give you the best solution to have an outdoor event and stay warm. A warm guest is a happy guest! Contact us here.