Hosting an event outdoors has many advantages, but there is always the question of “what will the weather be?” No matter what the forecast says, it is never guaranteed. Often times we have seen a perfectly sunny day turn into a downpour or the onset of gusty winds that can make an event impossible. Often the stress of this unknown factor will drive the decision to plan an indoor event instead. But did you know that you can book an outdoor contingency plan?

What is a rain plan/contingency plan?

You pay a non-refundable deposit to hold tent equipment and labor with the option to cancel it at the last minute.  This gives you the flexibility to decide the morning before installation if you need it or not. If you decide you don’t need it, then the rental company keeps your deposit and you aren’t responsible for anything else. Not sure what tent you need to keep your guests comfortable? We can help you reserve the correct tent and equipment necessary to keep your guests dry and protected.

Why is a contingency plan necessary?

Think of it is as insurance for your event in case of weather. It ensures your event will proceed no matter what mother nature throws at you. But why pay an upfront non-refundable deposit rather than find a tent last minute if needed? Many tent and party rental companies book months in advance and have a full calendar well before your last-minute needs. Plus your event isn’t the only one planned for that day that will be looking for a last-minute rental. The stress of calling around for availability isn’t what you want to be doing the night before your big event!

Why is the Deposit Non-Refundable?

When you reserve the tent and equipment the rental company has to hold that equipment and schedule the labor for the tent set up. By holding the equipment for you, they cannot rent it out to anyone else. The labor also is scheduled and ready to work regardless of if you end up needing them or not. Those workers then can’t be scheduled for any other jobs. If you don’t end up needing your contingency plan, you are only out the deposit rather than the cost of renting the equipment and not needing it.

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Make the Plans!

A contingency plan helps take the stress and uncertainty out of planning an outdoor event. It gives you the flexibility to plan your event without worrying about the weather. So, plan that outdoor event you’ve been dreaming of! Contact us today and we’ll walk you through the details of a contingency plan and put your mind at ease.