Explore the hottest rental items for Outdoor parties and events

Summer is almost here and that means outdoor events and party season is about to start! As the weather warms up and the trees are blooming mother nature is calling to us to be outside and enjoy, which also allows for great social distanced gatherings. We’ve put together this year’s The 5 Hottest Event Rental Items for Summer to help you with your planning.

There are always the basics, tables, chairs, tabletop, etc. that you need for any party so by all means don’t overlook those, but let’s take a look at a few other things you might be missing.

Top 5 Hottest Items for Summer Events

1. Tents!

This year’s events are going to require more space to be available for your guests than previously. Tents not only provide shade and comfort for your guests, but they can also help break up your event space into different areas. There are many tent options out there to help you match your event style perfectly! From whimsical to formal, solid to clear, you’ll find just the right fit for your party.

2. Heating/Cooling and Fans

If you like the thought of being outdoors but are nervous about the temperature, adding fans to any tented event keeps air moving and is a great option for those hotter months. However, if you need  more cooling or heating power then a fully enclosed tent with an HVAC unit is your solution! Create a completely controlled environment for all or part of your event. This takes all the stress out of the uncertainty of weather. Pair it with a clear top tent to keep that outdoor feel!

3. Bars

Having several bars set up throughout your event will be a must this year. You don’t want long lines of people all waiting in one place, so strategically setting up multiple bars distanced around your event will help control lines and encourage better flow throughout your party. Bars are also a fun way to add personality to your party! Match them with your decor or make it a statement piece of the party.

4. Lighting

As your party moves into the night you want to make sure your guests can still see. There are several lighting options for different needs throughout your party. Overhead lighting paired with your tent works great for your seated areas to eat and drink. Colorful uplighting around a dance floor creates a great effect while providing enough light to see. Gobo lights are a really fun way to add personalization and a really high end feel to your event.

5. Dance Floor

What’s a party without dancing? A dance floor is often overlooked as an unneeded accessory but in reality, it’s a party staple. Having a dance floor laid out creates a designated space that is visually appealing and inviting for your guests. It also ensures you have a completely flat and safe area for your guests to dance the night away. Gone are the days of plain looking wood floors. Dance floors now can come in colors, designs, and patterns to make it the showcase piece of your event. So have fun with this one!

Let’s Get Started!

Now that you’re feeling inspired for your summer celebration let’s start planning! We have all of The 5 Hottest Event Rental Items for Summer as well as many event essentials. Feel free to browse our rental catalog or give us a call to start brainstorming today!