Who would have thought a year later we’d still be exploring social distancing options for graduations? The good news is last year taught us a lot about the new requirements and we’re prepared to help make this year’s graduation the best yet!

Graduation, whether it be from high school or college, is a big milestone in a young adult’s life. With this past year being anything but ordinary we are sure some graduates are feeling a bit hesitant for their big day. Our goal is to do our part to make this a special day to look back on with happiness and fond memories.

Graduation Options

So what are the available graduation options? The two main types of graduations this year will be drive-thru graduations or an in-person traditional setting with a couple twists. We helped organize both types last year and we’re excited to make this year’s even better.

How Does Ace Party Rental Plan for a Graduation?

Here’s a little insight into the process of building an in person graduation ceremony:

  • First we ask for the total number of attendees for the ceremony which drives all the other decisions. 
  • Determine the area to be covered and number of attendees
    • Are we tenting the whole area to accommodate everyone? This can range from one to many tents
    • We can cover just the stage area to formalize the space and create a beautiful backdrop
  • Is the location big enough to accommodate a tent or tents this size? This is constantly changing with the guidelines the state sets so it can be a tricky step.
    • We can also take care of all the permitting for our clients!
  • Next it’s all about the configuration of the chairs for the guests and this is where the adherence to social distancing is ensured. The two most popular choices are:
    • Three chairs side by side with aisles on either side separating the next set of three
    • One chair in front with two behind like bowling pins, again with aisles on either side
    • We will try to accommodate any other requested configurations keeping in mind our tent size and location capacity
  • Then we talk accessories!
    • Size and setup of the stage
    • Stairs and/or ramps for the stage
    • Podium
    • Chairs and configuration on the stage
    • Standard AV – microphone/speakers/amp

Drive-Thru Graduation Option

This might seem like a tough scenario for some graduates but there are several options that help this still be a special day. The biggest challenge is to determine the flow of traffic and people as applicable.

  • Graduates that stay in the car will need a space to stop where the administrators are set up and easily accessible. This may be a tented area to account for weather.
  • Individual ceremonies where the graduate leaves the car offers many details to work through
    • Provide a space to pull up and let the graduate exit the car
    • Help with the stage placement, whether it will be tented or not, and the ramp or stairs for entering and exiting the stage.
    • If the parents/family can be in attendance a designated space for them can also be added
    • Add an additional area afterwards for pictures or to pick up other mementos for the day

We want to help ensure this is still a great day for all graduates which we can help do in a responsible and fun way.

A Lifetime of Memories

No matter how far you travel from your alma mater, the memories you made there will last you a lifetime. The graduation ceremony is a culmination of all those years of work and fun into a grand crescendo send off. We are proud to be a part of such a milestone!

Feel free to check out our website for more examples and information. We’d love to brainstorm with you to create the perfect 2021 graduation!